22 August 2008


Let's talk about body image. A lot of people seem to think that being thin automatically means a person must be happy with her body. This is one of the biggest myths in the history of myths. I'm not even talking about mental disorders like anorexia... I'm talking about your regular, reasonably healthy thin chick. Chances are, she has just as many body image issues as you do.

I'm going to be brave and show you some of my issues. Click to embiggen.

Too Tan: Every summer I get a couple sunburns that then fade to an uneven tan. My arms, shoulders, and face have some color, but the rest of my body is pale. It's fine when I'm covered, but when I'm down to the bikini, it makes me twitchy.

Too Bony: I didn't notice how bony my shoulders were until last year when I dropped to 125 pounds. Now, even though I'm back to 130-135, they still seem bony to me. It's especially obvious when I reach around to scratch my back and my scapula pokes out.

Too Small: I'll admit it... I'd like bigger breasts. More than that, though, I'd like matched breasts. Most people don't notice it, but there's about a half-cup difference between the two, and it bugs me.

Too Soft: Thin does not equal fit. I'd really like to be more toned, and fortunately this is something I can actually fix. It just takes time and effort. I've been pretty sedentary for the last eight months, so a lot of the muscles that used to be in good shape are kind of squishy now.

Too Big: Now, my partners (past and current) disagree with me here, but I think my thighs are too big. This picture makes them look even bigger. Bleah.

Too Pale: See also: Too Tan. I think the issue is more that the color is uneven, especially after some funky burns a few months ago. (Note to self: SPF 30 is not enough.) Having super-pale legs bothers me because I also have very dark hair, and I don't like the look of the roots showing through the skin, even right after shaving.

There you have it, folks. Even thin chicks hate their bodies sometimes. Please don't assume that simply being thin is enough to make you happy.

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