17 May 2008

Bodies In Motion

For the last many months I've been leading a fairly sedentary life. I gained five pounds over a week-long vacation back in March... when my sweetie and I are on vacation, he makes french toast and bacon for breakfast, and we spend a lot of time basking in the glow of a cathode ray tube, so the altered fat intake throws off my metabolism a little. During our last vacation a few weeks ago, we compensated for the different diet by going on an 11-mile bike ride one afternoon. The calories balanced out, and I'm proud to say that my muscles were only sore for a few hours. I haven't done any strenuous exercise in ages and haven't been on a bicycle in at least five years, so I'm pretty happy with how I did.

Now, just because I don't exercise much these days doesn't mean I'm not constantly burning calories. Sitting still isn't something I do well. If you see me sitting, there's a good chance I'm also bouncing my leg, talking with my hands, fidgeting with something, wiggling to the beat of the music, or knitting. Always being in motion burns calories and helps me feel active, even when I'm parked in front of the television set for a 14-hour Firefly marathon.

Or curled up in a comfy chair at the coffeehouse for the four-hour Saturday knitting circle. Hee!

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