22 February 2008

Thin Myths, Part 2

Myth: Thin People Drink Water

I drink hot chocolate. A lot of hot chocolate. It's the super-sweet Mexican kind, and I make it with whole milk. It comes out to about 375 calories per mug. I also drink Glaceau Vitamin Water (125 calories per bottle, about one bottle every other day) and Juicy Juice (120 calories per cup, about one cup every week), but my primary drink is hot chocolate, and I drink about two mugs of it every day.

Should I drink more water? Probably. Will I? Nah. Plain water isn't satisfying for me. I want something with flavor. I want something that will make my stomach feel happy for more than ten minutes. Water doesn't do that.

I also don't like drinks with artificial sugars. Aspartame is bad for the body and counteracts the medication I take, and most artificial sugars leave a bitter, acidic aftertaste in my mouth. Yes, even Splenda.

Staying hydrated is good. But you don't need to drink plain water to do it. I'm not going to eat or drink things I don't like if I can get the same benefits from things I *do* like.

Time for more cocoa.

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