18 February 2008

Confession #1

I haven't always been this thin.

Seven years ago I weighed 160 pounds and wore size 10-12 jeans. I bought XL t-shirts and sweatshirts so I could hide my body. I hated the way I looked.

I got depressed. Very depressed. I barely ate for six months. One day I stepped on the scale and the needle stopped at 130 pounds. I'd lost 30 pounds by accident. Go ahead, hate me. It's okay this time.

My weight has fluctuated since then. I've weighed anywhere from 125 to 145 and worn anything from a size 6 to a size 9. With the exception of a few months after I started a new job (and forgot that regular activity raises metabolism), I've been stable at 130 pounds for about two years.

Maintaining this weight is something I do consciously. I watch what I eat and make sure I'm not taking in more calories than I burn. I'm not like this naturally. If I eat too much, I gain weight, just like everybody else.

The way I got to this weight was not healthy. The way I stay at it is.

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